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Financial Secretary

Our church secretary is often the face of our church when visitors arrive. This person should be warm, caring and helpful to all members and/or visitors when approached. He/She should work positively with the pastor and congregational members, and have a sincere concern for how our church is viewed in the community.  A detailed description of the position can be found below.

Job Description For Financial Secretary

Church Secretary is supervised by:                 The Church Council and Staff Support Committee

Church Secretary reports to:                            The Pastor of the Church

Church Secretary provides time sheets to:    The Church Council via the Treasurer


Major Responsibilities:

Secretarial Responsibilities: 

  1. Maintain records of church (membership, book files, births, deaths, baptism, confirmation, donations, mailing lists, etc)

  2. Type correspondence, reports as directed

  3. Open and route all incoming mail and packages

  4. Act as receptionist for office by greeting and assisting visitors courteously

  5. Answer telephone and handle inquires appropriately and courteously

  6. Maintain office supplies

  7. Maintain office-filing system

  8. Prepare various bulletins (worship services, weddings, funerals, etc)

  9. Prepare and distribute monthly newsletters

  10. Prepare and distribute annual church yearbook

  11. Order supplies for Sunday School, church women, youth, VBS, senior group, etc. as asked

  12. Maintain current membership file and mailing list with correct addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses

  13. Notify pastor of pastoral concerns

  14. Maintain confidentiality of church and member records

  15. Maintain communion records of church members

  16. Post hymn numbers in church sanctuary

  17. Maintain altar flower chart and order altar flowers when necessary

  18. Email reminders for committee meetings and weekly church service participants. Mail card if no email address is available.

  19. Change the announcement sign in front of the church as needed.

  20. Perform all duties as assigned by the pastor or council

  21. Assist CHAOS with all administrative needs

  22. Mail children’s church cards to the sick.

  23. Assist property committee with service calls for routine maintenance.

  24. Set weekly thermostat settings in Fisher Hall and the sanctuary

  25. Coordinate rental of church facilities.

  26. Coordinate service of any office equipment repairs.

  27. Maintain key access list.

  28. Update security system when new users are added.

  29. Keep check on kitchen equipment to ensure it is working properly


Bookkeeping Responsibilities:

  1. Schedule and meet with volunteers at the bank to count weekly offering

  2. Input offering records into system

  3. Prepare and mail annual contribution statements (place member statements in mailbox)

  4. Maintain record of all memorials and send letter of receipt to donor and letter to bereaved family

  5. Keep all necessary financial records on file

  6. Provide church treasurer with necessary financial reports

  7. Keep record of and pay all church invoices (statements)

  8. Write all checks (including payroll)

  9. Order checks when needed

  10. Assist with yearly budget planning

  11. Fill out and file 941 with the IRS with payment of payroll taxes (quarterly)

  12. Prepare all necessary W-2, W-3, 1096, & 1099 forms at year-end for employees and the IRS

  13. Send all necessary forms to the IRS before deadline

  14. Reconcile monthly bank statements

  15. Prepare monthly ACH draw for Pastor’s pension

  16. Coordinate ACH payment yearly for Pastor’s benefits/insurance

  17. Maintain 7 years of accounting and giving records to be stored in the attic

  18. Fill out insurance audit yearly and be point of contact of all property insurance related issues


Communications Responsibilities:

  1. Update the church website as needed

  2. Update the church Facebook page

  3. Upload weekly sermons to

  4. Send weekly email blast of upcoming church activities

  5. Maintain a master calendar of all events in Fisher Hall

  6. Send facility renters a list of policies and requirements and ensure rental fee is paid

  7. Send email and phone blasts in the event of a death in the church or if there is bad weather



Work Week:

  • The church secretary is expected to work 20 hours per week between 9:00 - 1:00 Monday - Friday unless otherwise directed by Church Council. The secretary can take "unpaid" leave as approved by the Church Council.

  • In addition, the secretary has paid time off on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day

  • Easter (Good Friday or Easter Monday, their choice)

  • Memorial Day

  • July 4th

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving (2 days)

  • Christmas (2 days)



• The secretary shall have functional working knowledge of word processing skills, clerical skills, spreadsheet /book-keeping skills and financial record-keeping software. This position also requires the ability to maintain confidentiality of member donations and other appropriate matters involving the membership of our church. This person is expected to have a positive, helpful demeanor that is consistent with the mission and vision of Trinity Lutheran Church.



• Performance will be reviewed annually and an evaluation completed.

• The church council reserves the right for a 90-day review period in the event that this job description is not being met.

• The church council respectfully requests that a 2-week notice be provided when a resignation occurs.


If interested, please send resumes to Council President, Kevin Clark, at

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